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Christie Kim – Director, Integrated Therapist (CYT, RMT, A.TCM, Hakomi Psychotherapist)

My journey started fourteen years ago when I was intuitively drawn to the concept of yoga. Practicing yoga has guided me to a deeper interest in philosophy, religion, psychology and other human sciences in addition to kinesiology and fitness. After studying yoga for several years, I was introduced to Kung Fu and massage therapy and noticed how they have similar roots, despite their evolution into distinct therapeutic art forms. My keen interest in therapeutic arts has grown over the years and my curiosity for deeper knowledge has led me to the Chinese medicine (Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine) and somatic psychotherapy.

Fascinated by these arts I realized that my biggest reason for studying them is to assist in my own healing journey. I also learned that the true healing process can happen through cultivating self-awareness and  sharing meaningful connections with others.  I am very grateful to experience benefits of these therapeutic arts and look forward to my opportunities to share these wonderful tools with our clients.


Brandice Lewis – Manager, RCRT (Registered Reflexologist), IPL Specialist

17157606_1864324307143298_8000569555990091076_oBrandice has always known she would be in the healing industry, for as long as she can remember, she was always offering massages to family members as well assisting people with their skin care. Immediately after high school, she enrolled into Medical Esthetics at Humber College. In 2013, Brandice relocated from Ontario to Calgary, and set up her own business as a House manager, while continuing her education. She is certified in Reflexology through the Reflexology Association of Canada, and has completed her IPL Technician certification. Brandice wishes to continue learning, and is very excited to be working with the great team at Unwind Therapeutic/Laser Spa, and helping people every day.



Tracey Fitzhenry – Registered Massage Therapist (RMT, 2200hrs) 

My massage journey all began when I was younger around 11 years old when I gave my brother a basic massage and the passion continued when I was in high school by sharing my natural gift with my friends and teachers. I finally decided to enroll in massage therapy program at Mount Royal University after my partner started his dialysis with his full support.

I am very excited to share my natural talent in massage therapy with our clients at Unwind Spa and looking forward to expand my skills in various therapies.


Sue-Ellen Lam – Permanent Make-up Artist, Eyelash Extension Specialist

Sue-Ellen is a dedicated and talented individual who loves to draw during her spare time. She decided to look into body art tattooing because she loves the idea of being able to connect with people and she discovered microblading. She is now a highly-trained microbladist and she graduated at Bordeaux Beauty Academy to earn her Eyebrow Microblading Technique & Safety certificate.  From then on, she creates unpolished brows by using a manual tool to achieve these amazing brows.  She receives excellent reviews from all her past client. Eyebrows are forever and customer always comes first.

Check out Sue’s beautiful work in the Photo Gallery page


Jessica Zhao – Permanent Make-up Artist, Professional Make-up Artist

Jessica started her career in makeup artistry back in 2005 and has been a freelance ever since.

Using all of the skills she’s acquired over her career, she decided to become certified in permanent make-up artistry specialized in Eyebrow Microblading. Her passion to enhancing one’s own natural beauty while complimenting unique facial features of all types. Jessica wishes to continue learning new skills to offer most advanced aesthetic services to our  precious clients at Unwind Spa.

Check out Jessica’s fabulous work in the Photo Gallery page




Yoga Retreat Group 


Terisa Klassen, BA, CGRS®

Terisa's PhotoI first became aware of yoga at 12 when I discovered my mother’s yoga book, copyright 1960, and in the 70’s I practiced along with Kareen Zebroff, the host of a CTV yoga program. At about 18 I took my first live yoga class and loved it! As a former competitive athlete I found myself coming back to yoga time and again for stretching and strengthening. In my 30’s I began Kung Fu and switched to the Yang style T’ai Chi Chuan and sword forms. Our Sifu, a Kung Fu master from China, always imparted bits of Taoist philosophy at the end of each class which piqued my interest in Eastern philosophies and led to me return to university and complete my degree with a second major in Religious Studies. I like the way yoga and soft martial arts blend well together which has enabled me to move from one to the other throughout my life whenever I felt the need for either discipline. I began working with Christie in 2011. Like my Sifu, she also has a way of gently incorporating bits of philosophy into her classes, and I find that I especially resonate with her unique and serene style.


Kimberly King

Kim's photoI started practicing yoga over 25 years ago when classes were offered through school. I continued through sessions offered at work and at various yoga studios. I enjoy the benefits of stretching, maintaining my flexibility, building strength and improving my balance. It is always a work in progress. I have grown aware of the mindfulness of my practice as I move through each pose with a regulated, controlled breath. At times of stress there is nothing like stopping and taking a big, long belly breath, or two, to centre me back to calm. Yoga has complimented my boot camp classes as I work on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Christie has a beautiful relationship with her students, it is a collective class with physical and mental benefits and I am honoured to work with her.

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