“Fantastic is not enough to describe the service, customer service, atmosphere. I had a 60 minute massage with Tracey, she had fantastic pressure. My mum had a 90 minute with Tracey and was very pleased with her massage. She thought Tracey was a lovely therapist and her pressure was on point. My aunt as well had a 60 minute massage and felt as light as feather. I use to be a massage therapist and I would highly recommend Unwind to anyone. I had such a beautiful experience. Thank you so much!”

- Sarah Goodwin

“Her professional training in massage therapy, combined with her therapeutic intuition and keen interest in yoga and fitness, make Christie a “go to” therapist for deep tissue sports massage and recovery. As someone who moves significant weight in my daily workout regimen, I rely on Christie to keep me going. I tell Christie what activities I have been doing and she will know which muscles to work (even those tiny hidden ones that cause the most pain)!. Having had massage therapy regularly for a decade in many parts of the world, I can say that Christie really brings world-class skill and turns massage into an art form.”

- Matt S.

“I’ve known Christie since January 2011 when I joined Fresh Fitness and started taking her Wednesday evening yoga classes to enhance my recovery from the physical stresses of challenging workouts. I liked her the instant we met and it was immediately apparent to me that her classes were unique. Each one was different from the next and didn’t seem to have a prescribed or contrived format. She responds to the needs of the attendees and incorporates movements to address collective concerns. If you want a very relaxing and slow moving class, she’ll provide that. If you want a killer core class, she’ll provide that too! Christie is a genuine person with a gentle and encouraging approach to life!”

- Sheena Kirkpatrick