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emotions and curiosity

Personally, dealing with emotions is the most challenging part in my daily practice. Every emotion is very essential in life and yet can create a lot of difficulties for us. How can we enjoy the full spectrum of emotions and still feel healthy instead of loosing our authentic self in them?

I think the first step is the ‘being curiouspart. Curiosity allows us to study emotions so we can create a space where we can be insightful and playful, just like a wise and witty master!

Curiosity also can be an indicator of our growth because when we stop growing, curiosity also looses its sparkle. Curiosity can flourish when we feel safe and compassionate with ourselves and others. So next time when we get into a complicated situation and get lost in our emotions, I suggest to ask ourselves a simple question of…‘What am I curious about right now?’

October 17, 2016   by Christie Kim

it’s ok to not to know…

Things change in life (obviously!). When we make a choice or decision, we hope that we can predict clear outcomes but sometimes we often enough encounter a surprising and dramatic twist in life. I often get nervous when I have to make an important decision and that’s when I got to be cautious with my negative inner voices. ‘Why don’t you know what you want yet?’, ‘You suppose to know what you are doing!’, ‘Other people aren’t struggling as you are for such a little thing’, ‘You should make a better decision than last time’…

After listening my voices filled with fear and doubt, I realized that these negative voices didn’t make things any better, instead they created more confusion and fear of uncertainty. This phenomenon sparked my curiosity and so I started doing a little experiment. Whenever my inner voice rushed the self to make a decision or blamed for not knowing, I tried to pay attention to the voice and simply flipped the words. For example, when I heard ‘Why don’t you know it yet?’, I switched it to ‘It’s ok to not to know yet’.

The result was stunning! Instead of punishing the self, I was able to nourish myself with loving and thoughtful words and cultivate more self-respect and trust. In that mindfulness space, I was making wiser decisions and it helped me regulating my wild emotions as well.

The most amazing part was that through this process, I observed that my fear of uncertainty has slowly faded out and clarity and confidence gently have replaced its spot instead. I didn’t have to worry and concern overly about the outcome because that respect and trust helped me to understand that no matter what happens, I will support and love the self, like a trustworthy friend. 🙂

October 28, 2016   by Christie Kim





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